Firefighter Forcible Entry: Pulling Hinges from a Metal Door and Jamb

This video is intended to answer the questions of when and how would you pull hinges from a metal door and jamb. It’s important to mention that when forcing entry we should start our approach from the lock side FIRST. Attacking the hinges should be a LAST resort due additional obstacles and security measures that can be hidden from view on the inside of the door – Including padlocks, slide bolts, security hinges and door closers – All of which can be located on the hinge side of the door.

Beyond this, FFs should also consider bringing both a set of Irons as well as a circular saw (with steel cutting blade) up to the scene. Having both available will increase your tactical options and allow an efficient transition from Plan A to Plan B, etc.

This video is NOT a recommendation for attacking hinges – It was produced to simply give the viewer a perspective of the time and effort needed to accomplish this task. The best advice I can give is to become proficient with the use of the Irons – When properly implemented by knowledgable and experienced operators they will be effective in defeating many if not most of the doors you will encounter.

Train, Stay Prepared, Be Aggressive, Make the Save – SURVIVE!

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