Firefighter Forcible Entry Training with Mike Perrone

This video is by Mike Perrone of the FDNY who demonstrates a variety of forcible entry techniques that can be performed on both in and outward swinging doors – Using both 1 and 2 firefighter methods. The Prop used in the demonstrations is called the “Multi-Force” and it’s one of the most Versatile, Portable and Durable forcible entry props on the market. The “Multi-Force” was designed and created by Mike and is available for purchase through his web site at Firehouse Innovations Corp – Click on this link:

Many of the ‘knock offs” you see on the market have copied Mike’s design, but his is the originator and has been sold to nearly 800 Fire Departments and Training Colleges across the United States – If you want to teach your firefighters the “Art of Forcible Entry” and get them proficient in using the “Irons” (Halligan Bar and 8lb Axe) – This is the prop you want!

Train, Stay Prepared, Be Aggressive, Make the Save – SURVIVE!
Dale G. Pekel

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