Firefighter Rescue: Using a Personal Escape System – The “BYRNE Technique”

This video will demonstrate another method for using an Escape System for victim rescue. This procedure was developed by a FF from the District of Columbia Fire Department in Washington DC – His name is Kelly Byrne (pronounced Burn). Out of respect for Kelly, I call it the “BYRNE” technique.

Kelly’s method is a very effective way to save a victim and the rescuer when both are trapped on an upper floor with no other avenue for escape. It’s important to note that none of the manufacturers of Escape Hooks necessarily condone, authorize or certify using their devices as DCDs (Descent Control Devices). The user takes full responsibility for deviating from the intended use of any anchoring device or escape system component other than what it was originally certified and designed for.

This is a life and death procedure that should only be attempted after extensive training and when all other means of rescue or escape have been exhausted or are not available. Always incorporate full fall arrest protection when practicing any of the procedures shown in this video. For more information on Kelly Byrne and the training he provides, go to his web site at

Train, Stay Prepared, Be Aggressive, Make the Save – SURVIVE!

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