PART 1: Firefighter Collapse and Entanglement Emergencies – Tool Considerations

This is the 1st video in a series of 4 that will address the dangers of entanglement emergencies and the tools and techniques needed to survive these types of situations. Collapse is becoming more and more of a concern for today’s Firefighters. Older buildings are getting even older and many are being renovated or remodeled with code violations…….

Newer construction poses the threat of “Light Weight” materials that simply don’t hold up to heat and fire exposure. Firefighters need to do everything possible to avoid these dangers, but still need to be prepared if and when they occur. As long as there are victims that CAN BE saved firefighters will need to enter a burning building – We need to do everything we can to make the rescue, but get ourselves out safely as well.

Train, Stay Prepared, Be Aggressive, Make the Save – SURVIVE!

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